Our Board

Amogha Dahal | President

Howdy! My name is Amogha Dahal and I am a Neurobiology major at UCI. I am passionate about helping others in need. My passion has manifested into GROWTHH. In addition to GROWTHH, I am involved in cancer research and am currently pursuing an EMT license. I also love to cook!

Timothy Vo | Co-Vice President

Hi, I am Timothy Vo, a third year Human Bio major at UCI. I am EMT-certified and a New Hire for AEMS, the volunteer on-campus EMS organization at UCI. I am currently doing research at the Child Development School where we are studying the effects of cognitive behavior therapy on children with ADHD. Outside of school, I enjoy film, video games, doing karaoke with my sisters, swimming at the beach and going to national parks.

Lizet Magana | Co-Vice President

Hello! My name is Lizet Magana. I am the Co-Vice president and a current teacher for GROWTHH. I am a second-year criminology major and have a great passion for helping the less fortunate, and disadvantage minority groups. I also have a great passion for social justice and am a strong advocate for equity. My parents were immigrants from Mexico and with Spanish being my first language, I learned English throughout grade school. Due to the fact that I can relate to the population we help in some form, it drives my passion and hence why I strongly believe in our mission.

Asma Karim | Education Coordinator

Hello! My name is Asma Karim and I am a junior in Biomedical Engineering: Premedical. When I am not busy trying to accomplish my beloved hobby of sleeping, I love to spend time with my friends and be active. My ambition of helping as many people as I can led me to GROWTHH. I am also apart of SHIP and AEMS, and I am researching a new method of ocular drug therapy!

Isaac Cinco | Secretary

My name is Isaac Cinco, and I am a 3rd year Human Bio Major. I really love to help people, and my experiences volunteering at a free health clinic and becoming a certified EMT have really helped me in deciding that my passion is in the medical field. In my free time, I enjoy playing video games, hanging out with friends, and playing in the band at my church

Peter Hsin | Treasurer

Hello! My name is Peter Hsin and I am a 3rd year majoring in Human Biology. I joined GROWTHH because I want to make a difference in refugees’ lives around the world. Outside of the club, I am also involved in blood cancer research and martial arts!

Mikhaela Fernandez | Fundraiser

Hey!! I’m Mikhaela Fernandez, the fundraiser for GROWTHH! I am a third year Human Biology major here at UCI. I’m excited to be a part of this growing organization. Outside of this I love sleeping, shopping, and art!

Kayla Hung | Publicist

Hi! I’m Kayla Hung, a first-year Psychological Sciences and Criminology double major. I joined GROWTHH because I wanted to learn more about refugee conditions and experiences while helping people and making a difference in their lives. I’m also a Peer Health Educator for the Center of Student Wellness and Health Promotion, and in my free time, I like playing video games and taking naps.

Brian Vu | Technical Consultant

Hello everyone! I’m Brian and I am currently a third-year Human Bio major at UCI. I manage all of the technical equipment within this club and make sure that all of the technology that we utilize functions as it should. I am also working as an EMT at the moment in order to further my experience within the medical field. I also enjoy playing guitar and basketball as well as reading books and listening to podcasts.