Helping Those Less Fortunate Garner Opportunity

GROWTHH is a refugee assistance organization that works internationally to bring relief to those we define as ‘refugees’. Through multiple programs that seek to address socioeconomic and education disparities in these ‘refugee’ populations, GROWTHH aims to increase individuals’ standards of living while also providing them with the tools necessary to compete in local job markets.

Our Principles


GROWTHH is independent and does not affiliate with any political entities in order to remain impartial in its activities


GROWTHH is a volunteer organization that runs on the generosity of volunteers.


GROWTHH strives to help refugees all over the world regardless of national borders or geographical boundaries.


GROWTHH does not take sides in any hostilities or engage in any racial, religious, ideological, or political controversies.


GROWTHH does not discriminate against any race, nationality, class or any political opinions or religious beliefs.


GROWTHH partners with donors, sponsors, and volunteers to provide refugees a foothold to progress.


GROWTHH is united in its cause to alleviate suffering for refugees.