The GROWTHH Sponsorship Program is an effort to bring love and compassion to at-risk orphans residing in Tijuana, Mexico. The Sponsorship Program aims to foster a connection between the orphan and the Sponsor. Through these connections, GROWTHH hopes to bolster the orphans’ self-esteem and support system in order to facilitate a better future for them.

The Sponsorship program matches a Sponsor to an orphan for whom the Sponsor will buy various gifts. Letters and video messages will also be exchanged between the two. A sponsor is required to send at least two gifts throughout the year: one for the start of school and one for their birthdays. The sponsor can also choose to gift during Christmas and other times of the year (a gift for Christmas is highly recommended). While the Sponsor is at liberty to gift what they desire, the orphans will be asked for a list of gifts that they would like to receive for their birthday or Christmas. The Sponsor can then choose from the list of gifts.